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Landscaping & Design Services in Regina


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Landscaping looks easy on television, although in the real world, it may not be a do it yourself project. We are fully licensed and insured. Our trade’s people are hard working professionals who have an extensive knowledge of not only landscape construction and building techniques but also of plants and their growing habits.

We have installed dozens of projects and we know how to prioritize the elements of the construction to ensure the maximization of time and the minimization of costly mistakes.

There is no set blueprint for the perfect outdoor space since everyone has a set of requirements. We specialize in the creation of outdoor space that is both practical and innovative.

Our professional landscapers' motorized equipment can turn a 3 day job into a 3 hour job. We have the professional grade equipment and the ability to use it safely.

At Paramount Plantscapes and Hydro Seeding, we have a keen understanding of climate for both the successful growth of trees, shrubs and plants, and also with regard to the effect of freeze/thaw conditions on the soil as well as drainage. Proper installation of your driveway or patio is essential to ensure minimal shifting and cracking in poor climates. Certain types of soils require special considerations with regard to interlocking brick patios and driveways due to the moisture content in the soil or freeze/thaw climate conditions. Let the professionals do the installation for you as you watch your dream garden unfold.


Without a doubt, the very best way to have your yard landscaped is to use a professional designer. If you already have a design prepared or you have a firm idea as to what you want built, we can suggest and provide examples of materials to use. We will then provide you with a firm estimate for the construction work to be undertaken. We believe good yard design is a necessity rather than a luxury. This is why we offer the very best service at an affordable price, designed to successfully make your dream garden a reality.

Having your garden professionally designed and built can considerably add value to your property, as well as greatly improving your own personal living environment. Although this process involves time and money, you can actually see, from scale plan drawings and visualizations, exactly what you are getting. Gardens should be fun to create and we want you to enjoy the experience. Scale drawings and clear layouts enable us to provide you with a fixed quotation for the construction.

The final design will be drawn to a scale appropriate to the size of your garden and once the drawings have been created we will be able to provide you with an accurate quotation to implement the scheme.

By the end of the design process you will be clear in your mind exactly how you want your garden to look and with the design in-hand we will have a clear brief on what your requirements and expectations are, which can eliminate costly misunderstandings and misinterpretation during the building process.

Designer Meeting & Survey - One of our Landscape Designers will meet with you to discuss your requirements and the key points you would like incorporated into your design. At this time the designer will offer suggestions and look at the property or view plans in order to gain a thorough understanding of the site and your own ideas. Budget will also be discussed in order to create a design that will work within your financial guidelines. During the visit we will undertake a basic survey of the site.

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Consultation - An initial consultation is required to start the design process. This meeting is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss your garden in greater detail, review your ideas, view any reference material you may have collated, and for us to present our portfolio of previous projects. At this stage, you will be provided with a concept drawing.*

Full Garden Design - Project Dependent Design Fee Proposal

Fee Proposal - Based on the information gained from the initial consultation, a fee proposal will be sent to you outlining the costs involved. The fee is determined based on the size and nature of the project.

Design - At this stage we will require details such as house plans if available and third party site surveys, there may be further information required depending on the requirements of the site. Once we have gathered all required information, we can begin to produce and present the initial concept of your garden design within 2-3 weeks of the initial consultation. Upon presentation of the concept drawing we also provide a 'ball park' estimate of construction cost.

Upon receipt of confirmation that you wish to procure installation, we will meet again to receive your instructions prior to working up the drawing to a master plan and detailing.

Master Plan & Construction Drawings - A meeting will be scheduled to present the master plan and working drawings for construction. The set of drawings include colour plans and elevations with all technical details noted, these will provide you with all the necessary information for construction. The plan will indicate proposed areas of hard & soft landscaping, detailing all features and confirmed hardscaping materials.

*Please note there is an additional fee for plan drawings using our CAD program. Ask your designer for details.

Optional additional design services available:

  • Design Detail Drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • 3D Perspective Drawings
  • Planting Plans
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